Spitting Off the Edge of the World – Yeah Yeah Yeahs ft Perfume Genius Video

VideoSpitting Off the Edge of the World
ArtistYeah Yeah Yeahs
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Spitting Off the Edge of the World ft. Perfume Genius (Official Video)

Director: Cody Critcheloe
Producer: Megan Mantia
Director of Photography: Alex Gvojic
1st Assistant Director: Lynn Hong
Executive Producer: Will McDowell @ MOOJ
Associate Producers: Christopher Good, Andreina Byrne
A Camera Operator: Cary Gallagher
A Cam 1st AC: Collin Martin,
B Cam 1st AC: Jackson Montemayor
C Cam 1st AC: Santiago Medina Beltran
Key Gaffer: William Takahashi
B Unit Gaffer: Robert Julin
Steadicam: Max Jolley, Scott Jolley, William Christensen
Crane Operation: Chris Knitter
Lighting & Gimbal Technician: Jordon Rioux
Key Grip: Tony Ontiveros
Grips: Patrick Monroe, Vic Dominguez, Lakoda Leep, Nick Littlejohn, Ellis Wallace
Best Boy Electric: James Cerven
Electrics: Dylan Groves, Max Thomas, Chris Knitter, Maile Nohealoha Edwards
Vehicle Rigging Grip: Jon Breitkreutz and Adventure Grip
Costume Designer: Natasha Newman-Thomas
Assistant Costume Designer: Margaux Solano
Lead Hair Stylist: Gregg Lennon Jr.
Hair Assistant: Dylan Michael
Karen’s wig created by: Tomihiro Kono
Lead Make Up Artist: Nick Lennon
Make Up Assistant: Daniel D’Angelo
Production Designer: Cody Critcheloe
Art Director: Amelia Reeves
Fabrication: Anthony Putzier, Anson DeOrnery, Matthew Ferate
Set Dressers: Rose Palmer, Liv Gallo, Ingrid Weaver, Emmalene Nichols, Thomas Liwinski
Stunts: Ronin Stunt Company: Coleman Wotu, Aubrey Koontz, Ben Chaverin, Hayden Morgan, Noah Barrette, Naomi Chaffee
2nd AD for Punk Scene: Jaclyn Danger
Limo Wrangler: Joe Paladino
Towing Services: Rodney Wilborn, Bobby, Russell, Clint & All Star Tow
Editing: Harlan Doolittle
Color Grading: Stratton Farrar
VFX: Ethan Skaates, Levi Davis, Ryan Wood, AB Studio, Mike Roush, Stratton Farrar, Harlan Doolittle, Alex Gvojic
Production Assistants: Oz Overshiner, Bella Cordero, Zak Gorsuch, Julia Mattis
Cast: Richie, Spade Nine, Bailey Stiles, Landon Patterson/Lana Luxx, Ahmed Ibrahim, John Gordon Jr., Darren Clark, Terry Herron, Mun Hawkins, Sean Berry, Jason NeSmith, Nicholas E. Howell, Zachary Boresow, Angelin Carrant + all of our amazing punk extras!!
LA Unit Production Coordinator: Brittany Easterwood
BTS: Tommy Petroni, Ada Brumback, Christopher Good, Chris Knitter
BTS Video Edit: Tucker Bennett
Catering: Beth Barden of Succotash & Ellie Mantia
Management: Little Lion
Label: Secretly Canadian


Special Thanks:
Laura Haber, Jon Coombs, Robby Morris, Cooper Arnold, Tim Gutschenritter, Jorge Ramos, Justin McDougal, Aaron Rhodes, James Eaton, Joel Nanos, Jonathan Kraft, Bill Mantia, Linetta Thurman, Kathy Hanis, Curt Alldredge, Octavio Cruz, Danylo Hauk.

Spitting Off the Edge of the World Song c
Cowards! Here’s the sun
So bow your heads
In the absence of bombs
Draw your breath

Dark, dark places shall be none
She’s melting houses of gold

And the kids cry out
We’re spitting off the edge of the world
Out in the night
Never had no chance
Nowhere to hide
spitting off the edge of the world
Out comes the sun
Never had no chance
Nowhere to run

Mama what have you done
I trace your steps
In the darkness of one
Am I what’s left
Silver lines whisper to me
Wounded arms must carry the load

And the kids cry out
We’re spitting off the edge of the world
Out in the night
Never had no chance
Nowhere to hide
spitting off the edge of the world
Nowhere to run
Never had no chance
Out comes the sun
spitting off the edge of the world
Winds from the sky
Never had no chance
Will watch us rise

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