GigaBash & Godzilla DLC (2023) Game Trailer Video

MovieGigaBash & Godzilla DLC
GigaBash & Godzilla DLC – Launch Trailer | Xbox | Play Now for Free

About Game :

Calling all Kaijus & Heroes, it’s time to brawl! GigaBash, the multiplayer monster brawler is out now on Xbox! Battle for dominance with up to 4 players in fully-destructible arenas in local or online battle! Go solo or team up with a friend to survive the horde in Onslaught Mode. Go toe-to-toe against CPU enemies as you reach for a new highscore in Arcade Mode! Dive deep into 4 short-and-sweet singleplayer campaigns in Story Mode! Unleash pure destruction as Godzilla & 3 more characters from the Godzilla franchise with the purchase of the 4 Kaiju DLC which is available now. So what’re you waiting for, let’s GigaBash

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