DAMaN (2023) Hindi Movie Trailer Hindi Video

ArtistBabushaan Mohanty, Dipanwit D
Release DateFebruary 3, 2023
DAMaN (In Hindi) Official Trailer | Babushaan Mohanty, Dipanwit D| In Cinemas 3rd February 2023 | Watch Full Movie HD

Movie Synopsis

In 2015, a young doctor, Dr. Siddharth Mohanty, who has just completed his MBBS from a government medical college, is posted to a back of beyond tribal area in the Malkangiri district. Janbai PHC has 151 villages under it, is infamous for its Naxal dominance and doesn’t even boast of the most basic facilities.

Dr. Siddharth Mohanty arrives reluctantly, wanting to quit at the earliest. But fate wills otherwise. Daman is the story of 151 villages and one doctor to control the spread of malaria, the tussle between superstition and medical science.

DAMaN (In Hindi)

In Association With
Mentis Films

Produced By Kumar Mangat Pathak & Abhishek Pathak
Produced By Deependra Samal
Co-Produced By Murlidhar Chhatwani & Pinkis Pradhan
Starring: Babushaan Mohanty, Dipanwit Dashmahapatra

Written & Directed By Vishal Mourya & Debi Prasad Lenka
DOP: Pratap Rout
Music: Gaurav Anand
Lyrics: Dibya Jeet Sahoo

Sound Designer: Tusarkant Jena & Avinash Mishra
Di Colorist & VFX: Biswajit Swain
Editor: Debi Prasad Lenka
BGM: Arka Deep & Gopal Krishna
PR & Marketing Sambit Jena
Marketing Consultant: Priya Rajesh
Media Consultant Hema Upadhyay (1H)

Panorama Studios Distribution Team
Managing Partner: Murlidhar Chhatwani
Head Finance: Ravi Auti
Head Distribution: Darshan Shah
General Manager Film Syndication: Gaurav Singh

Panorama Music Team
CEO: Rajesh Menon
COO: Murlidhar Chhatwani
President Marketing: Rajesh Chandrashekar
President A&R: Mannu Kohli
Head Creative: Rajat Goswami

In Cinemas 3rd February 2023
A Panorama Studios Worldwide Release

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