Jaan Ban Gaye Mashup Chillout Khuda Haafiz Remix Aftermorning Hindi Video

VideoJaan Ban Gaye Mashup
ArtistVishal Mishra, Asees Kaur

Jaan Ban Gaye Mashup | Aftermorning Chillout Remix | Khuda Haafiz | Vishal Mishra

Music Produced by : Aftermorning @ASHA Studios, Pune
Release : AIDC
Video Edit :@Jayant Visuals
Music Production & Other work enquiries: yesugadeabhishek@gmail.com

Original Credits:

Song – Jaan Ban Gaye
Movie – Khuda Haafiz
Composed & Arranged by Mithoon
Singers – Mithoon, Vishal Mishra & Asees Kaur
Additional Vocals – Keshav, Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh & Nakul Abhyankar
Lyrics by Mithoon.
Additional Vocals by Keshav, Dilshad & Nakul
Music Production Team: Bobby Shrivastava & Godswill Mergulhao.
Music Assts: Anugrah, Godswill Mergulhao & Kaushal Gohil.
Song Recorded at AMV Studios, Neo Sound & Livingwatermusic
Song Mixed & Mastered by Eric Pillai at Future Sound Of Bombay.
Mixing Asst Michael Edwin Pillai.
Project Coordinator Vijay Iyer

Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex and Panorama Studios International Present Khuda Haafiz.
Written & Directed by Faruk Kabir
Produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak & Abhishek Pathak

Music on Zee Music Company

When I’m With You..

In your arms,
I’m in my safe haven.
With you holding me tight,
I have no other craving.

All I need
is that one look
that says you’re always there,
just like in a fairy tale book.

Your eyes talk to me
as the world stands still.
My once empty heart
now with love does fill.

Your eyes tell me
that you’ll love me every day.
No matter what may come,
you’ll be there to stay.

I tell you everything
and never with a lie:
all my worldly secrets
and everything that once made me cry.

Everything in my past,
with you I can forget it all.
I know I can trust you
to catch me if I fall.

If only I could explain
how much love I have for you.
Then maybe, just maybe,
you’d feel it too.

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