Ki Ho Gaya – Ronit Vinta x Sirazee Hindi Video

VideoKi Ho Gaya
ArtistRonit Vinta, Sirazee
MusicRonit Vinta

Ki Ho Gaya (Official Music Video) – @Ronit Vinta | @Sirazee | Moj Star Bhavi Chandiramani

Ki Ho gaya is an extremely catchy and relatable pop track. Singer-Songwriter Ronit, sings about being stuck in a toxic relationship. He talks about his girlfriend always being in a ‘mood’ and it’s getting quite excessive and intolerable. It’s come to the point that he is quite fed up with the girl’s behaviors and rules. Despite the sullen story, the song has a very upbeat tune.

Singer – Ronit Vinta , Sirazee
Composer – Ronit Vinta, Sirazee
Lyrics – Ronit vinta, Sirazee
Music producer – Ronit Vinta
Guitars – Bily
Additional programming- Dj Ruchir
Mix & Master – Hanish Taneja
A&R: Raghav Meattle, Harshit Agarwal, Heer Kamdar

A Last Bite Film

Starring: Moj Star Bhavi Chandiramani , Ronit Vinta
Director: Sanjna Krishnan, Rohan Shetty
Producers: Last bite films (Sanjna Krishnan, Rohan Shetty), Shambhavi Singh
DOP: Abhimanyu Sengupta
Second Unit DOP: Siddharth Ahuja
Editor: Sanjna Krishnan
Production: Square Films ( Ankita Gupta & Vivek Johar )
Chief AD: Nagma Chowdhary
Production Designer: Akash Bharankar
Assistant Art Director: Tanvi Jadhav
Production Tent & Table-Chair: Krishna Equipment
HMU: Deepak Kharade
Colorist: Andrès Delgado
VFX Loop: Kevin Joseph

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