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VideoLonely Monsoon Drive Mashup

Lonely Monsoon Drive Mashup | Aftermorning | Baarish Ban Jaana | Tum Hi Ho | Thoda Thoda Pyaar

Lonely Monsoon Drive Mashup | Aftermorning Chillout | Best of Bollywood Romantic Chillout Mashup
Music Produced by : Aftermorning @ASHA Studios, Pune
Release : AIDC
Music Production & Other work enquiries: yesugadeabhishek@gmail.com

I Saw You In The Rain..

Sitting for what seems hours
listening to the rain
I find myself hypnotized
by the puddle
forming at the bottom
of the downspout.

The air is cold
yet I don’t notice until
goosebumps cover
my arms.
Funny thing is,
I still feel warm.

I was noticing how
the rain poured out
of the spout so fast
yet as soon as it was free
it rested
in that puddle
content just to be free.

Is that how you feel?
Like that rain?
Struggling with such force
for your freedom?

Once you’ve reached
your “”puddle””
will you relax
and stop struggling?
Is that all you’re looking for?
A little space away
from that confining spout?

The puddle looks so calm
just shining with the days reflections
mirroring my thoughts.
If I look away will that puddle
still be there tomorrow?
I don’t like taking risks…
so I keep staring
hypnotized by the cool
air and the tiny bubbles
fighting their way to the surface.

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