Monsoon Heartbroken Mashup Remix 2022 Aftermorning Hindi Video

VideoMonsoon Heartbroken Mashup 2022
ArtistAtif Aslam

Monsoon Heartbroken Mashup 2022 | Aftermorning | Aadat | Aaj Bhi | Atif Aslam | Vishal Mishra

New installment to the most requested mashup series, Monsoon Heartbreak Mashup 2022 – Aftermorning Chillout is here. Filled with soul touching melodies and emotions, a perfect companion for the rainy vibe.

Monsoon Heartbreak Mashup 2022
Music Produced by : Aftermorning @ASHA Studios, Pune
Video : @Jayant Visuals
Release : AIDC
Music Production & Other work enquiries:

I’m standing in the rain
Its washing this pain away
The rain makes me weak
But I feel so alive

The pain is finally gone
Until the rain stops
Then the pain comes back
But the hurting is worse

I wish the rain could drown this pain
Take it away
Cause its killing me
If its not one thing its another

When it rains I go outside
Just to feel it on my skin
It makes me feel alive
And it takes away this pain

And I can cry cause I know no one can see
Over and over again I wish that I could fly away
Fly away to another day
Another day where this pain isn’t here..

Tracks Used:
1.Aadat -Atif
2.Aaj Bhi – Vishal Mishra
3.Euphoria – Aftermorning

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