The Hustle Reunion ~ MC Square x Paradox x Gravity x Srushti Tawade Hindi Video

VideoThe Hustle Reunion
ArtistMC Square, Paradox, Gravity, Srushti Tawade
MusicParimal Shais
LyricsMC Square
The Hustle Reunion song , MTV Hustle 03 , Audition starts now | Mp4 Video Song Download 2023

TV Hustle returns with auditions for its next season.
Your favourite rappers from Hustle 2.0 reunite to bring to you The Hustle Reunion song which is a celebration of their journey on season 2 of Hustle.
And now it’s your chance to be a part of the next season of your favourite rap show. So come on, vibe on this banger with MC Square, Paradox, Gravity, Srushti Tawade, Wicked Sunny, Nazz, Spectra & Panther as they celebrate the magic of Hustle.

Video Credits

Track: The Hustle Reunion
Written and Performed by: @mc_square7000 @Paradoxhere @gravitymusic @Srushti_Tawade @nazzmusic @spectra_music @buildingpanther Wicked Sunny
Additional Lyricis: @epriyer
Composers: @ParimalShais
Mix & Master- Kalmireddy Nikhil

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