Tu Hai ~ Pho x Mr Doss Hindi Video

VideoTu Hai
Tu Hai | Pho X Mr. Doss | Official Music Video | New Indie Pop Song 2023 | ffs.| Mp4 Video Song Download 2023

Vocals/Lyrics/Composition – Pho
Production – Mr. Doss
Mix/Master – Outfly
Cover art – Shaswat Kakkar (Draw with dard)
Project Managed – Rijul Seth

Video Credits

Pho’s new afro pop track Tu Hai talks ab out admiration and love from a distance as it seems safer than to get closer and be hurt but eventually when there’s no distance at all , she finds herself filled up with more love than ever and even the hurt feels worth it.
The afro pop track produced by Mr. Doss is so upbeat and catchy making everyone move to the beats, especially at the drop.

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