A Date with Danger MarVista Entertainment Movie Video

MovieA Date with Danger

Lara Jean Chorostecki, Jamie Spilchuk

Release DateNovember 11

A Date with Danger MarVista Entertainment Movie is the latest Movie 2021.

Single mom Nikki (Lara Jean Chorostecki) is looking for a fresh start in a new town when she meets fellow single mom, Liz (Ipsita Paul).

They immediately hit it off, with Liz giving Nikki a job at her boutique. Nikki aspires to be as self-sufficient as Liz and takes all her advice, especially when Liz warns Nikki about Gavin (Jamie Spilchuk), the local café shop owner whom Nikki has been dating.

After Liz points out several questionable traits about Gavin, Nikki decides to take a pause on her relationship with him. But when Liz suddenly goes missing after a heated argument with her ex-husband, it’s Gavin who helps Nikki try to find Liz.

As Gavin supports Nikki through this ordeal, she becomes convinced Liz was wrong about Gavin.

When Gavin starts to behave suspiciously, though, Nikki wonders if the man she’s fallen for is the same person who took Liz. Will Nikki find Liz and her abductor before time runs out?

When a woman’s best friend goes missing, she must work quickly to determine whether her friend’s abductor is someone close to home.

Cast: Lara Jean Chorostecki, Jamie Spilchuk, Ipsita Paul, Raven Dauda

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