A New York Christmas Wedding MarVista Entertainment Movie Video

MovieA New York Christmas Wedding
ArtistNia Fairweather, Cooper Koch
Release Date2021
A New York Christmas Wedding MarVista Entertainment Movie Trailer Video 2021.


As a woman’s Christmas wedding approaches, she is given the chance to experience her dream life and must decide which life she truly wants to live

Jennifer (Nia Fairweather) is growing increasingly anxious about her upcoming Christmas wedding to her handsome, successful fiancé, David (Otoja Abit). She goes on a run to clear her head after a tense pre-wedding dinner with David and his family and is visited by a guardian angel named Azrael (Cooper Koch).

Azrael tells Jennifer he can show her another version of her life with everything she truly wants. Jennifer is curious but dismisses his offer until she wakes up and finds herself in the alternate universe Azrael said he could show her.

In this world, Jennifer’s beloved father is still alive, her childhood priest Father Kelly (Chris Noth) has modernized their church congregation, and she is engaged to her best friend and true love Gabriella (Adriana DeMeo).

As Jennifer begins to embrace this alternate reality, Azrael reminds her she only has a limited amount of time to decide which life she wants to live. Will Jennifer continue down her current path? Or will she take a risk to be with her true love?

Cast: Nia Fairweather, Cooper Koch, Adriana DeMeo, Otoja Abit, Chris Noth

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