Baking It Peacock Original Web Series Video

MovieNL Baking It

Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg

Release DateDecember 2

Baking It Peacock Original Web Series is the latest Web-Series 2021.


Baking It is a holiday competition series in which eight teams of two talented home bakers join Maya Rudolph and Andy Sambergs’s winter cabin for a celebration of culinary holiday traditions.

Contestant duos will include spouses, siblings, best friends and more, who will work together to create outstanding savory and sweet creations for themed challenges with the hopes of winning a cash prize.

Maya and Andy will lead the festivities, also providing comedic and musical commentary on the action. The bakers’ holiday treats will be judged by tough critics – four opinionated real-life grandmothers, who happen to be fantastic bakers themselves!

Baking It is streaming December 2nd on Peacock

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