Best Foot Forward Apple TV+ Web Series (2022) Official Trailer Video

MovieBest Foot Forward
ArtistLogan Marmino, Stephen Schneider
Release DateJuly 22, 2022

Best Foot Forward — Official Trailer | Apple TV+


From homeschooled to the new kid in school, Josh is stepping into a whole new adventure. Based on Josh Sundquist’s memoir and best-selling book, Just Don’t Fall, Best Foot Forward premieres July 22 on Apple TV+

The series is based on the book “Just Don’t Fall,” written by Josh Sundquist. The series follows 12-year-old Josh Dubin as he goes from homeschool to public school, and the challenge of getting his classmates to see past his prosthetic leg.

“Best Foot Forward” was developed for television by Matt Fleckenstein, known for “iCarly,” with the first four episodes directed by Victor Nelli Jr., known for “The Wonder Years.”

It stars Logan Marmino, Stephen Schneider, Joy Suprano, Peyton Jackson, and Trinity Jo-Li Bliss.

Sundquist serves as an executive producer alongside Muse Entertainment’s Joel S. Rice and Meghan Mathes Jacobs.

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