For Love or Murder Movie MarVista Entertainment (2022) Official Trailer Video

MovieFor Love or Murder
ArtistKristen Vaganos, Benedict Mazurek, Maddison Bullock
Release Date2022
For Love or Murder- Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment


A wedding planner must determine whether her future sister-in-law is willing to kill to get access to her brother’s money.

Wedding planner Angie (Kristen Vaganos) is surprised when her estranged brother, Michael (Benedict Mazurek), comes to their parents’ funeral with his fiancée, Olivia (Maddison Bullock).

Hoping to repair their relationship, Angie agrees to help Michael and Olivia plan their wedding.

Soon, Angie is wrapped up in the drama of Olivia and her bridesmaids, one of whom accuses Olivia of murdering her husband. But when the bridesmaid is found dead, Angie becomes suspicious of Olivia, especially when she learns Olivia previously dated a millionaire who died from a nasty “fall.”

With this news and Olivia’s constant questions about Angie’s parents’ will, Angie is convinced Olivia is only after Michael’s money.

Unable to convince Michael of his fiancée’s true nature, Angie decides she must get proof on her own, or risk her family becoming another pawn in Olivia’s deadly game.

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