Heartbreak High Netflix Web Series (2022) Official Trailer Video

MovieHeartbreak High
ArtistAyesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloe Hayden
Release DateSeptember 14, 2022

Heartbreak High | Official Trailer | Netflix


An incendiary mural exposes everyone’s secret hook-ups at Hartley High. Its author, Amerie, has to grapple with the messy fallouts as a total outcast.

Heartbreak High is a high-octane ride into the minds and lives of a group of Australian teenagers. The discovery of a secret map that charts all the hook-ups in the school year makes its architect, AMERIE (16, rebel, loudmouth – THE HEART), an instant pariah.

Starring: Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloe Hayden

In an effort to set the hypersexual students straight, the school forces them into a Sexual Literacy Program. With her new friends, outsiders, QUINNI (neuro-divergent truth bomb – THE BRAINS) and DARREN (ambitious, super-dooper gay – THE CLITORIS), Amerie must repair her reputation, whilst navigating love, sex, and heartbreak.

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