Hitmen (Season 2) Peacock Tv Web Series Video


Mel Giedroyc, Sue Perkins

Hitmen (Season 2) Peacock Tv Web Series 2021 Watch Official Trailer


We follow the hits and (more often than not) the misses of two hapless, dead-broke contract killers who frankly, are more of a danger to themselves than to anyone else. Each episode sees Fran (Sue Perkins) and Jamie (Mel Giedroyc) try to track down and kill a different target.

But every hit turns into a shambles of mistaken identities, mistimed entrances and misfiring weapons. Whether it’s losing their target in the woods or not being sure which one of a pair of identical twins they’re supposed to be killing, things rarely go according to plan.

New Season of Hitmen is streaming October 28th on Peacock

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