I AM MORTAL Movie Video

ArtistEloise Smyth
Release DateFebruary, 2022
I AM MORTAL Movie is the latest Movie 2022


Set 200 years in the future when the human race has achieved immortality through a genetic vaccine created by one man, The Pilot. All war, violence and crime has been eradicated, but so have certain emotions and personal choices The Pilot deemed archaic.

In this utopian society a small band of rebels questions if this immortal life is how humans were meant to live. They recruit a young man, Logos, who is only days away from receiving the “gift” of immortality and similarly questions The Pilot’s world. But, The Pilot sends a spy, Akae, to infiltrate the group and capture Logos. Logos leads the rebels as they attempt to overthrow the status quo and reclaim their free will—including their right to die.

I AM MORTAL is written and directed by Tony Aloupis (“Safelight”). The film stars Sean Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “The Suicide Squad”), Eloise Smyth (“Harlots,” “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”), AJ Lewis (“Guerrilla,” “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”), John Harlan Kim (“9-1-1,” “The Librarians”) and Nina Kiri (“The Handmaid’s Tale”). Original music is by Sam Ewing (“Ava,” “Fantasy Island”), Score produced by Bear McCreary (“The Walking Dead,” “Outlander”) with a new original song performed by Tori Letzler.

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