Irreverent Season 1 Trailer (2022) Peacock Web Series Trailer Video

MovieIrreverent Season 1
ArtistColin Donnell, PJ Byrne, Kylie Bracknell
Release DateNovember 30, 2022
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Movie Synopsis

A criminal mediator from Chicago is forced to flee his life and everything he knows and hide out in a small Australian reef community in Far North Queensland posing as the new church Reverend. “Reverend Mackenzie Boyd” (not his real name) has made a mess so bad he can never go home, but he’s going to need all his considerable street smarts to pull off posing as clergy – something he doesn’t know the first thing about. If he slips up, he’s dead and, after a lifetime of crime, doing good work is not something that comes naturally.

But “Mack” finds himself in a small beach town, with no phone or internet, amongst a community that is filled with people desperate for connection and crying out for a leader. What at first seems like a perfect hiding place from the Chicago mob quickly becomes Mack’s home. But as he reluctantly settles into his new life, Chicago commences the hunt. The only way he will be able to stay off their radar will be to maintain the illusion that he is a Reverend.

US Air Date: November 30, 2022
Starring: Colin Donnell, PJ Byrne, Kylie Bracknell
Network: Peacock

To do that though, Mack will have to appear to care. Trouble for Mack is, after all that pretending, it may just become a little bit real.

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