The Good Neighbor Movie (2022) Trailer Video

MovieThe Good Neighbor
ArtistJonathan Rhys Meyers, Luke Kleintank
Release DateJune 17, 2022
The Good Neighbor Trailer #1 (2022)


A nightmarish evening unfolds for neighbors David (Luke Kleintank) and Robert (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) when they accidentally hit a woman on her bike and flee the scene.

While David is increasingly plagued by feelings of guilt, Robert shows no remorse and becomes overbearing and possessive.

When David meets Vanessa (Eloise Smyth), the victim’s sister, he submits to a reckless passion and underlying sense of redemption before realizing Robert will do unspeakable things to protect their secret.

US Release Date: June 17, 2022
Starring: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Luke Kleintank, Eloise Smyth, Bruce Davison
Directed By: Stephan Rick

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