The Green Glove Gang (2022) Netflix Web Series Video

MovieThe Green Glove Gang
ArtistMagdalena Kuta, Małgorzata Potocka
Release DateOctober 19, 2022

The Green Glove Gang | Official Trailer | Netflix | Watch Now Full HD Mp4 Video


When their latest heist goes wrong, three older female burglars evade officials by hiding out in a nursing home — where they uncover a sinister secret.

After a failed robbery, the elusive gang of three noble thieves: Zuza, Kinga and Alicja hides in a quiet nursing home. While the police are on their heels, the gang continues their activities at the center, giving its elderly residents a second youth.

Green Glove Gang is an eight-episode dark comedy directed by Tadeusz Śliwa, written by Joanna Hartwig-Skalska and Anna Novak-Zemplinska. Starring: Magdalena Kuta, Malgorzata Potocka and Anna Romantowska, and Beata Bandurska, Karolina Rzepa, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz, Andrzej Grabowski.

Available October 19, 2022. Only on Netflix.

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