Dhummas Amazon Prime Gujarati Movie Video


Jayehs More, Kinjal Rajpriya

Release DateNovember 23

Dhummas Amazon Prime Gujarati Movie is the latest Web-Series 2021.


In this movie humanity has been portrayed in a moral and superior manner, and climax will keep the audience on the edge and curious. One should not think defeated till the last breathe because table can turn at any moment in life.

A person should be law abiding citizen and work accordingly. He/She should work within the boundaries of law and orders, so that country , humanity , and ours own well being remains maintain.

In this movie their is a message to the people that in any situation a person should not forget the truth and honesty, and he/she should never forget this that doesn’t matter whatever the situation is their is always a positive outcome and conclusion of the messed up problem or any situation.

The primary and foremost message is money can by human not the humanity.

Starring Jayehs More, Kinjal Rajpriya, Ojas Rawal, Chetan Daiya, Aakash Zala, Bhargfav Trivedi
Kinal Trivedi, Malhar Thakar
Produced By Bhavesh Upadhyay, Keyur Shah, Vivek Shah
Directed by Kartavya Shah
Written by Bhargav Bharatbhai Trivedi

Release Date – 23rd Nov 2021, only on Amazon Prime Video

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