Parallel Gemplex Web Series Video

ArtistAalayna Datta, Aman Mishra, Aman Jain
Release DateAugust 5
Parallel Gemplex 2021 Sci-Fi Web Series Official Trailer HD

Shruti moves to a new city for a job, but unfortunately gets struck with misfortunes. Dejected Shruti goes back to her newly rented apartment and somehow realizes that the 11th floor of that building is a portal to a Parallel Universe.

Featuring: Aalayna Datta, Aman Mishra, Aman Jain, Annu Dayal, Shuman Das, Sakhshi Singh

Directed by – GLN
Produced by – Shaurya Singh & GLN
Co Produced by – Saumyata Pujari
Screenplay by – GLN
Story by – Venu & GLN
Director of Photography – Filmdesign Team
Film Score – Kabeer Arora
Editor – Abhinav Dixit
Visual Effects – Filmdesign
Casting by – Siddarth Bhatnagar & Adnan Shadman
Publicity Design : Pravin Hole
Visual Promotion : Siddhartha Das
Dubbing, Foley & Mix – Rajnish Sahay & Sonnet Prime
Make Up by – Vikas Samudre, Aditya Wagmare & Sakshi Singh

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