Bajre Da Sitta – Sufi Sparrows x Ullumanati | Punjabi Song

VideoBajre Da Sitta
ArtistSufi Sparrows

Bajre Da Sitta | Sufi Sparrows | Ullumanati | Friday Music Premiere | Punjabi Folk Song

Vocals : Sufi Sparrows
Production: Ullumanati
Mixed and Mastered by : Ullumanati
Video by : Vishal Kashyap
Costume By : Khandani Boutique (AmanDeep Kaur, Akshit)

Folk songs are known to be best that country knows and identifies Punjab and Punjabi music with. Bajre Da Sitta needs no introduction but being one of our favourite Punjabi folk song, Ullumanati presents today’s interpretation on this folk song.

With the passage of time we came across new talents, new beats, new technology and thereby here we come with our blend with new voice, new music but same old lyrics.

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