PRISCILLA RICART Best Walk in Slow Motion Miami Swim Week [Part1] | Model Video Video

PRISCILLA RICART Best Walks of Miami Swim Week 2022, Part I | EVOKE [4K] | Full HD Video

Priscilla Ricart walks for the Beach Bunny Swimwear fashion show during Miami Fashion Swim Week 2022. Priscilla Ricart is a Brazilian model that has graced fashion week shows in Miami for years – never failing to showcase each years top bikini and swimwear designs.

While a daunting presence on the runway, Priscilla Ricart is all smiles and friendly conversation behind stage as she preps for her walks! She mentioned she has walked for Beach Bunny for years now, and we can only hope she continue to do so in future Miami Swim Weeks! Special thanks to Paraiso who hosted this event.

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