HADES – VUKOVI (Janine Shilstone & Hamish Reilly) Video

VUKOVI – HADES (Official Video)

VUKOVI: Janine Shilstone & Hamish Reilly

Session Drums: Martin Johnston
Director of Photography/Editor: Zak Pinchin
Director: Janine Shilstone & Zak Pinchin –
MUA: Charlie Campbell
Stylist: Janine Shilstone
Assistant: Richard Abbot-Owen
BTS: Liam Boath

HADES By VUKOV Song Lyrics

Do you feel alive? Wanna see the other side?
Like a can of worms
I wanna watch you squirm
If you sell your soul
I won’t let go
Out there its cold
But I got you.

Back from the dead, but its all in my head
You made me ripe, but not without a fight
No turning back
My ghost is black
Out there I’m free
But you grip me

Draw me through the fire, (we can take it slow, we can take it slow)
Tie me to desire (you a friend or foe you? I don’t really know)
Never tell a soul
Never tell a soul
Wanna watch it grow
Hold me lets get higher

That’s my cost
Baby that’s my cost
But I’m so lost
Baby I’m so lost

Can you set me free
You’re my enemy
I didn’t know what you’d do to me
Now I wanna flee
From your decree
I’m fruitless and falling into the deep
One taste of blood is not enough
We shook on a promise you can’t give up
But I’m stronger now, give me back my crown
I love it but please let me go

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