Sex, Drugs, Etc ~ Beach Weather Video

VideoSex, Drugs, Etc.
ArtistBeach Weather

Beach Weather – Sex, Drugs, Etc. (Official Video) | Download Music Video 2022

Director/Editor: Kirt Barnett @wavykirt
DP: Mika Matinazad @mikamatinazad
1st AC: Seqouya Yardley @Seqouyayardley
PA: @poolsideconvoo

Sex, Drugs, Etc Song Lyrics

Late night telephone
Calling all wallflowers I know
Out the dark and into the light

Half love, half regret
dressing up for polaroids and cigarettes
socialize, romanticize the life

Floating on my low key vibe,
Floating on my low key vibe,
I don’t need that late night high
Cause I’m floating on my low key vibe

Bulletproof passengers
On the road to sex, drugs, etc
Get out the dark and into the light

Everywhere I go I know that I don’t want to be
Part of something I won’t ever need
Your socialized romanticized life

Out of touch in harmony
Designer drugs from dead end streets
Break the air to feel the fall
Or just feel anything at all

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