Chestnut (2023) Movie Trailer Video

ArtistChella Man, Danny Ramirez, Natalia Dyer
Release Date2023
Chestnut Trailer (2023) | Watch Full Movie HD

Movie Synopsis

After graduating college, Annie is the only one of her friends who stayed behind in her small college city of Philadelphia for the summer. She has a good job lined up in LA come fall and is seemingly ready to take the leap, but things still feel unfinished. During this aimless in-between period, Annie finds herself entangled with Tyler, a woman she meets at a bar one night, and Danny, Tyler’s co-worker… or best friend… or more? Annie is never quite sure. Chestnut follows Annie through a summer of self-discovery as all three battle for unrequited connection, ultimately helping her find her voice in desire, independence, and the comfort in change.

US Release Date: 2023
Starring: Chella Man, Danny Ramirez, Natalia Dyer, Rachel Keller
Director: Jac Cron

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