The Math Problem ~ Sejal Bhat (Standup comedy) Video

VideoThe Math Problem
ArtistSejal Bhat
The Math Problem | Standup comedy by Sejal Bhat | Full HD Video

Dear diary,

I’m uploading my math set, the best possible version I have. I’m now sick of looking at myself during edit so I might take a short break from putting up standup videos after this (unless that new set gets a killer punchlline, then nvm!). I like this set, it’s to do with my problems with math, measurement and in general, numbers – issues I’ve had for years but only found jokes for recently. I hope it does well, you know, numbers-wise.

Thank you
Pankaj (@daku_sharma) at J spot (@the.jspot_) for the venue
Abhishek Bhutwani (@abhishekbhutwani) and his team for shooting this
Nabeel Asmath (@nabeel_10) for editing it
Tarang Hardikar (@taranghardikar) for biscuits

Intro and Outro music is by Peter Cat Recording and Co (Clown on the 22nd dance floor)

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